Making Marriages Fun was our tagline as we advertised Season 1 of Talking with the Thabas. The idea was to create a TV show to illustrate that marriage could truly be a blessing to inspire others. We, a couple married 16 years, decided to take a radical step to open up our marriage to the world. We tried to be as accurate as possible in showing you the good, the bad, and answering all your questions about our personal marriage throughout the 13 episodes of Season One. We are certainly not perfect but we are most definitely happy. Each week a different random group of people came to the studio and were allowed to ask whatever question they wanted about that episode’s topic. It produced a genuine flowing conversation that addressed the real needs of real people. The result was an awesome spontaneous unscripted authentic show!

As a result of the show, countless couples gave us feedback that they were able to relate with our struggles and gleaned insights on how we handled our issues in order to apply some of those strategies towards healing conflicts, improving communication skills, in law relations, forgiveness issues, managing finances, dealing with unmet expectation, coping with substance abuse issues, etc. in their own marriages. Singles even reported they now knew exactly what to do to prepare for a solid fulfilling marriage! A workbook was requested to go along with the shows for couples who wanted to go deeper into enriching, reviving, and encouraging their marriages.

Our prayer in creating this workbook is that, combined with the shows, they will provide a resource to facilitate genuine honest conversations which would result in strengthening families and revitalizing marriages! The world sends the message that a long term monogamous marriage is boring. We hope that after utilizing these resources you will agree with us that marriage can be fun! We pray God blesses your marriage and family!