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Season 1 Marriage Workbook (eBook)

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Making Marriages Fun was our tagline as we advertised Season 1 of Talking with the Thabas. The idea was to create a TV show to illustrate that marriage could truly be a blessing to inspire others. We, a couple married 16 years, decided to take a radical step to open up our marriage to the world.

Conquering the Giants (eBook)

Due to the negligence of doctors, little Caleb is missing significant parts of his brain. It is the heart-breaking true story of what happens when a doctor makes a mistake and a tiny life is jeopardized. An American mother tells of the tragic birth of her baby boy in a private hospital in Botswana.

Dive In (eBook)

Most people recognize that the Bible is an esteemed book worthy of study. Christians believe it is the divinely inspired word of God. However, the average person seems intimidated by this awesome book and doesn’t even know where to begin if they want to learn from the timeless principles outlined in the Holy Scriptures. Dive In was written in an effort to help demystify this supernatural text.