This television show is totally unique. We have never seen anything like it! What motivated you to produce it?

We have truly enjoyed our marriage, but many don’t express the same sentiments. As we have talked to them over the years, we realize sometimes they have the desire to have a better marriage but lack the practical tools. Unfortunately, many times when they seek advice they get generic answers such as “pray about it” or “it will be okay. Just be patient.” We wanted to open up our marriage in such a way that the average couple could relate and gain practical encouragement they could actually use on a daily basis to strengthen and improve their marriage.

Once I have paid and downloaded, can I share with my friends?

This is a problem all over the world that artists and producers are crying over. A show that takes you 30 minutes to watch took countless hours and incredible amounts of money to create. Please encourage your friends to buy the show themselves in order to show your support and respect our intellectual property.

I am so impressed with this TV show. It has the potential to change and improve family units, which are the foundation of every nation. How can I partner with you to see more of this type of content?

We were so blessed to have friends in America who helped us raise funds to contribute towards production of Season 1. We would LOVE to produce a Season 2, but of course quality TV production is quite costly! If you would like to give towards the production of Season 2, please contact us for more details. We would be so grateful for your support as we are so grateful to have this platform to teach biblical marital principles to the world. We believe strongly that healthy families make for healthier nations so it is a worthwhile investment!

I bought the show but now have not gotten the confirmation email.

The email from might have goen to your JUNK/SPAM folder since you’ve never received an email from us before. Please go to the folder and check. Contact us if you have any problems.

Downloading the 13 episodes is taking time. Is that normal?

Yes! Unfortunately, depending on your internet speed, downloading such a big file will take time. Be patient and wait. We believe the show is worth the wait and will greatly encourage you! However, if you keep trying and it still isn’t working, please contact us! We are available to help you in any way we can!

Why do I have to click “Add Cart” for the FREE Season 1 Questions?

This is because we would like to know who is downloading the questions. Please note that if all you’re downloading is the FREE material, then all you need to do is Checkout and your Credit Card and Paypal information will not be required when you place the order.

How many questions are in the FREE Season 1 Questions’ document?

Each Episode has 10 questions which makes a total of 130 discussion questions for the whole Season.

I clicked on the box and it now has 3 items in my shopping cart when I only wanted one. What can I do?

Please click on the button that says view my cart. Once you are in your shopping cart, there will be an arrow to increase or decrease quantity to buy. Take it down to 1 and then press UPDATE my cart. It will then readjust and give you the price for the one item you want to buy.

How long do these downloads take?

We have tried to make sure you have a quality product of TV with high resolution. Consequently, it may take awhile to download depending on your internet speed. Please be patient and soon you will have this awesome show downloaded and available to watch whenever you want.