Our names are Percy and Ashley Thaba. We are a mixed couple who met 20 years ago when Ashley, an American, was living in Botswana Africa working as a missionary with the Baptist church. We then got married 3 years after meeting and have been blessed with a wonderful marriage that we both enjoy immensely. We don’t take that blessing for granted and thank God for the joy and love we experience daily.

We are a couple who love God and love others. We believe that God has called us to not just talk about love, but find practical ways of putting that into action to make our world a better place. Thankfully, God has opened up many doors for us to have a voice through media channels. We try and use those channels to teach practical messages that encourage others in areas such as parenting, marriage, how they can grow in their relationship with God, etc.

Many people say our approach is unique and refreshing because we usually try and use our own personal stories, the good and the bad, to discuss pertinent issues. We try and not preach at people but share the messages God has taught us over the years which have helped us enjoy 16 years of marriage and 13 years of parenting our beautiful 3 children. We don’t have a perfect family by any stretch of the imagination, but we honestly feel that God has taught us some tips along the journey which have helped us to have a healthy and happy family. Since we believe that healthy strong families are the foundation to healthy strong people, we continue to share these lessons in hopes of strengthening others and eventually strengthening nations as one by one, people understand what we are teaching- that ultimately your relationship with your family and your Creator are more important than your job and the amount of money you make.