Individual/Group counselling

For years, Ashley has been the go to person to call when people need advice. They call her for advice with issues pertaining to parenting, marriage, preparing for a baby, learning how to cook and live healthier as a family, learning how to do easy organic backyard gardening, etc.

Family Seminars

Ashley and her husband, Percy, have led many marriage and parenting seminars where they teach practical skills to improve your family. These are always fun, interactive and best of all extremely practical so that you can take home loads of tips to have a healthier happier family immediately!

Corporate Events

Corporations are realizing more and more that spending the time and money to pour into their employee’s wellness pays off in healthier employees who are more productive physically and emotionally at work. Whether you want to teach your employees how to communicate more effectively, organize a team building day, or just have an excellent motivational speaker to inspire your organization, Ashley Thaba is an excellent resource to utilize to strengthen your company.

Baby showers/Bridal showers

Ashley is frequently called on to offer advice and encouraging words at various showers. It is always a hit as she shares personal stories, allows people to ask her their questions, and gives wise advice which makes your party one to remember for years to come. Through her facilitation, those attending the party will have thought provoking conversations around topics that affect us all. When you plan your shower, don’t just plan games for entertainment, consider a motivational speaker who can entertain and educate to improve lives.

Youth Workshops

More and more we are realizing that pouring into our young people is a worthy investment into our future. Corruption can be curbed if we teach principles of integrity early on. Marriages can be healthier if we teach our young people basic principles on how to prepare for marriage so they can set a good foundation before they enter into a lifelong commitment. Our workforce can be stronger if we teach our future employees better communication techniques and work ethic. Ashley Thaba is an excellent facilitator for any program you have to train youth in life skills which will enhance them and the world around them.

Media Appearances

Ashley is frequently called on to give advice on various media platforms such as radio, television, and newspaper. Some of these interviews are publicly available to watch or listen to on the YouTube channel: Ashley Thaba. If you need a guest on your show to add value on a certain topic and present in an engaging manner that is sure to bring you more listeners, Ashley is a great person to call.