TV Marriage Show

The Thabas, as couple married for 18 years, share their practical life experience in an exciting and entertaining way to help other couples strengthen their marriages. The show is done through unscripted questions from a studio audience to give it the reality show feel and give you a genuine peek behind the scenes into a real couple’s marriage – the good and the bad!

Conquering the Giants Book

Due to the negligence of doctors, little Caleb is missing significant parts of his brain. It is the heart-breaking true story of what happens when a doctor makes a mistake and a tiny life is jeopardized.

An American mother tells of the tragic birth of her baby boy in a private hospital in Botswana.

TWTTs Season 1 Marriage Workbook

This workbook is an IN DEPTH practical guide that goes along with the TV show episodes. We are confident that if you use this workbook and also watch the shows and apply the principles you learn, your marriage will be happier and healthier!

We put LOADS of personal examples for you to relate to.

Dive In Book

Most people recognize that the Bible is an esteemed book worthy of study. Christians believe it is the divinely inspired word of God.

However, the average person seems intimidated by this awesome book and doesn’t even know where to begin if they want to learn from the timeless principles outlined in the Holy Scriptures.

News Articles

Ashley’s articles will enlighten and encourage you on popular issues which affect us all such as corruption, Gender Based Violence (domestic abuse), fighting depression, marriages, parenting, leadership, overcoming exhaustion, etc. You can read one of these each week as a weekly devotional even if you don’t live in one of the countries which print her articles to millions each week.


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